Monday, May 7, 2012

Ma vie en photos

The Fete du Travail (Labor Day--5/1/2012). Everyone from Schweitzer got the same fabric to make an outfit, but as a "student," I was not allowed fabric. Thankfully, my friend gave me some of his extra. Voila the evolution of my outfit for the day!

The parade!
URM-ers celebrate le fete

After the parade, we returned to HAS and the ladies had a full-on outdoor kitchen set up. They cooked for ~100 people!
Couldn't get this picture situated correctly, but this is the last version of my outfit.
Preparing bananas

Aerial view of "kitchen"

Doctor Molly prepping for a C-section. Check out how big that lamp is in relation to the bed!

Pre-cesearen happiness.

Dr. Jonathan.

Check out my sweet operating shoes.

Nutella wall at Mbolo grocery store in Libreville. You can find just about anything there.

New skirt!

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