Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sao Tome

This is the story of two Germans, a Spaniard, a Dutchman, a Luxembourger, and an American traveling around the small Portuguese-speaking African island of Sao Tome.

The largest "Roca" on the island.

Tour of the Roca grounds/plantation.

Had to stop for gas. Diesel from a bottle? Sure, sounds safe.

Market in Sao Tome city.


Beach on our road trip north the first day on the island.

Village of Santa Catarina

On top of the world.

Baobabs in the distance.

View from out campsite/where we took baths in the morning.

Campsite #1

Travelers' breakfast the next morning
Another Roca/coffee plantation.

Coffee beans!

Drove along a tiny road up the mountain to find this beauty.

Coffee plantation Nova Moca

Coffee up close and personal

Came upon this view along the road

And this bizarre HIV/AIDS PSA

Had a little problem with the four-wheel drive

Another gorgeous beach (next 5 pictures are all from the same beach)

Campsite #2

View we woke up to the next morning.

These are just the highlights. I couldn't post all of the 600ish pictures we took between the 6 of us.

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